Pandemic Economics

COVID-19 is a serious and real threat. Our goal is to prioritize the health of our community alongside the health of our businesses. Right now, the local mom and pop shops our city prides itself on are hurting. People are losing their jobs. Their homes. Their livelihoods. I will work hand in hand with state and local officials to ensure that our community is thriving and safe. 

My Plan

  1. Extend Rental Assistance offered to Burbank residents

  2. Provide loans to small businesses at low-interest rates

  3. Pause the payment of housing loans and shift the cost toward the back-end of mortgages

Invest in the Future

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” 

- Nelson Mandela 


Working within the education system showed me how significantly underfunded our schools are. Burbank Unified receives the LOWEST amount of local funding per student of all local L.A. county districts and schools’ budgets are decreasing by the millions each year ( This is unacceptable. We cannot pride ourselves on being a great community if we cannot take care of our children. With limited resources, our students miss out on enriching learning opportunities, programs, clubs, and extracurricular activities. It’s time to prioritize education again. As your city councilwoman, I will work with the school board and other council members to rectify this problem.

My Plan

  1. Reallocate our total proposed budget (2020-2021) of $639,620,588 to increase funding for Burbank Unified

  2. Ensure funding reaches programs that impact students most

Rent Control

Small businesses are the heart and soul of our community. From Magnolia Park to Downtown Burbank, each shop adds its own unique character to our city. They make this city a great place to live. Unfortunately, many of these shops have disappeared due to rapidly rising rent costs. In order to preserve the diverse culture these businesses bring to Burbank, I will fight to pass rent controls on commercial properties. High rent costs also negatively impact housing. Nearly 20,000 Burbank citizens are renters. While Governor Newsom has signed statewide rent control legislation, Assembly Bill 1482, into law, a 5% limit on rent increases is not enough. I will do more to curb our housing crisis.

My Plan

  1. Limit rent increases on housing properties from 5% to 3%

  2. Limit rent increases on commercial properties

Maintaining a Safe Community

First and foremost, Black Lives Matter. We as a community must strive to make each and every member of our community feel safe. On June 5th, 2020 Police Chief LaChasse released a letter about the reforms B.P.D. was making in response to the death of George Floyd. De-Escalation techniques were at the top of that list. I agree with Chief LaChasse that our top priority should be increased education and training of de-escalation techniques. Meanwhile, large portions of funding are geared towards buying excess military equipment. It is time to demilitarize the police and work towards rebuilding trust between law enforcement and our community.

My Plan

  1. Reduce funding from money spent on military surplus equipment 

  2. Use reallocated funds for education and de-escalation training exercises